Meet our newest Associate – Bassel (Bas) Judeh

Meet our newest Associate – Bassel Judeh – he prefers to be called Bas, pronounced as Baz!

Welcome to the EK Family Bas!

Bas joined us back in January and we can’t believe he has been with us for over 6 months already! We couldn’t be happier to have him as part of the team – his work ethic and commitment to his role has really shone through already, Baz is an excellent team player and ready to support you.

In his spare time, Bas enjoys keeping active, going to the beach with family and friends, and watching sports.

Gaining valuable experience in the Financial Services Industry while completing his Bachelor of Finance, Bas now works full time with us whilst also studying a Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning, as he aspires to become a Financial Adviser.

Bas found a passion for the industry when learning about personal finance and realising that it is often neglected in people’s lives. Bas will start his “Professional Year” sometime in 2024. The professional year is now the formal training needed these days to become a financial adviser here in Australia. One way to think of it is like having your “L’s” and you need to get up many hours of supervision before you can go out and advise on your own. Bas will work closely with myself as I mentor and train him, he will sit in on my meetings and also play a critical role in formalising advice for our clients, under my supervision and direction.

He looks forward to meeting with more clients and assisting them in achieving their goals alongside myself and the rest of our EK Family.

Being a newbie in the financial world will be a challenge and exciting at the same time. I look forward to learning new things and hope to share the knowledge I’ve learned with others – Bas

We look forward to hopefully many years of working with you Bas and again, welcome to the team!



Aaron Kane
Managing Director
EK Financial Group


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