Nurturing Future Financial Minds: Our Journey with a Monash University Intern

In the dynamic realm of finance, staying ahead necessitates investing in the next generation. At EK Financial Group, we recently had the privilege of hosting Christina, a driven and enthusiastic university student, for a 10-week internship program.

A finance major at Monash Uni, Christina brought a genuine thirst for knowledge and a new skill set to our team. From the outset, it was evident that this partnership would be mutually beneficial.

Our decision to embrace an intern was rooted in our commitment to nurturing talent and giving back to the community. We were eager to impart our wisdom and offer Christina an authentic glimpse into the financial planning industry.

Throughout the internship, Christina was immersed in our daily operations. She shadowed financial advisors, participated in client meetings, completed ad-hoc projects for the team and learned about tailored financial plans. The experience was designed to provide a well-rounded understanding of our profession.

As Christina concluded her 10-week journey, we’re immensely proud of her growth. We celebrated with a final lunch on Tuesday this week and presented her with a parting ‘thank-you’ gift.

At EK Financial Group, we believe in paying it forward. Welcoming Christina wasn’t just an opportunity; it was an investment in the future of financial planning. We’re confident Christina will achieve remarkable success in their career, and we’re honoured to have played a role in their journey.

This is just the start of our internship program as we will be taking on a new intern each term, so we look forward to meeting the next one.


Stay Safe & Happy Investing,

Aaron Kane

Managing Director



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