Our Investment Philosophy

We send our clients invested in our managed account series, a quarterly change report along with a quick 5min video update from our Managing Director, Aaron Kane.

We have been running these Managed Accounts (SMA’s) with the help and expertise of Zenith Investment Partners for the past 2 years. Each quarter Aaron and the principles of a few other advice firm’s, the founders of the Weinberg Private group, come together with Zenith to, track, review and make adjustments to the underlying investment assets in these accounts based on the current market environment and future expectations.

The beautiful thing is our clients receive these changes immediately in their portfolios with no need for them to to complete clunky, inefficient and expensive paperwork which can take months to implement…they are instant! We have the ability to remove, add or change weighting (up or down) of investment managers quickly and efficiently!

Below is our 2021 Q1 update we sent to our clients.

Stay Safe & Happy Investing,

Warm Regards


Aaron Kane

Managing Director

EK Financial Group


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