The Value of Advice in Uncertain Times – Russia, Ukraine, Flooding in QLD/NSW…what’s next?

Before we take off for the long weekend I want to share this video message with you all from day 5 in ISO at home. PLEASE READ ON.

We are coming into uncertain times, there is no doubt about it.

Russia, Ukraine, flooding in QLD and NSW, petrol prices increasing, supply chain disruption, interest rates rising…what’s next?

In uncertain times, the value of an adviser far outweighs compared to in the good times. You need an adviser on your side to keep you objective and make sure you don’t make emotional decisions with your money and finances that will cost you in the long run.

I’m like a pilot, I don’t get paid to forecast the weather, I am paid to help you navigate the weather. I will get you from A to B, and we WILL land safety, but there WILL be turbulence along the way.

Stick to the long term plan as the foundations we have built over the years will work out…stick to the plan!


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Stay Safe & Happy Investing,

Aaron Kane

Managing Director

EK Financial Group


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