Personal Tax-Deductible Super Contributions [VIDEO]

Have you made any personal super contributions during the year that you need to claim a personal tax deduction on? These personal contributions are when you have invested money from your personal bank account into your super fund.

Did you even know you could claim a tax deduction on these? Well you can!

There are 4 key events that could mean you are not allowed to claim these contributions, the rules are strict and it can be complex.

I explain these 4 events and what you need to do to make sure you get in your Notice of Intent to Claim Personal Super Contribution form on time to your super fund.

Some super funds even prepare this form for you based on the contributions you have contributed and then you only need to nominate the amount to claim, sign and send back to your fund.

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One last thing….GO DEES!!!


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Aaron Kane

Managing Director

EK Financial Group


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